Sue Black AFIAP AAPS Honours

Photographic Honours AFIAP & AAPS

Exciting news.

Last week it became “official” and I was awarded my AFIAP and AAPS Honours.

This means so much to me due to the fact that I achieved the goal I set for myself during February 2010, which was to attain my Photographic Honours within one year!

Although I have known about my Honours success for about four months I have had to keep quiet until the formal dinner at the APSCON conference on September 30th 2011.

Now I need to set my sights on furthering my photography and doing things I have wanted to do for a while but haven’t had time for.

I will also aim to achieve further Photographic Honours however I will do it in my time as time permits.

Now I can sign my name:

Sue Black AFIAP AAPS B.Bus

 (What does this mean? Who knows!!!)


Recent Published Photo “Hidden Distress”

I was delighted receive a copy of a magazine in which my image “Hidden Distress” has been published in Ireland.

This publication is sent to health professionals in Ireland. The main focus in this edition is about psychological distress in cancer care.

The magazine editor thought that my photo was perfect in conveying the sentiment behind the article.

Journal Cover for Magazine in Ireland Autumn 2011

Secret Suffering

“Cabarita Delight” wins Bronze Award – Better Photography Awards

I entered this picture into the Better Photography Awards and received a score of 79, just one point short of a Silver.

It’s the first time I’ve entered these awards and I only submitted one image. There were 6 categories to choose from as follows:

Emotive Portraits, Classic Landscapes, Creative Flair, Exotic Travel, Incredible Sport and Revealing Nature

Gold for scores of 90-100

Silver for scores of 80-89

Bronze for scores of 70-79

I love Peter Eastway’s work.  Here’s his website:

Bronze Award Certificate

PSA Who’s Who in Photography 2010

This is the Photographic Society of America Who’s Who in Photography 2010. I was very happy to learn that I had made it into this book. This is all to do with my goal of achieving my AAPS and AFAIP Photographic Honours. It has been a challenging and exciting time competing with the best photographers worldwide. You can read more about it by clicking on the following link

The publication is here:

PSA Who’s Who in Photography 2010

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011 “Ocean Rock Fantasy” wins a Major Prize – BRONZE VÖAV MEDAL


I entered the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011 for the second year running.

A little background about this Salon:

“In the last two decades, the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe. It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. The TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has established as an international benchmark of perfect photography. Not only amateur photographers, but also internationally well known artists and professionals have been participating.”

Two days ago I received an Invitation in the mail to attend the “Gala of Photography 2011”. The invitation said: Congratulations, we have very good news for you! You are an award winner…etc…please find your award in the award winner list at

Here is the link:

I have won a BRONZE VÖAV MEDAL, which is an extra special medal as it is an overall medal for Salon 1. My image is “Ocean Rock Fantasy”.

Ocean Rock Fantasy
Ocean Rock Fantasy

“The Greengrocer” wins a Medal plus Three Honourable Mentions in the GASO CIRCUIT

The results of the 2011 GASO (Georgia) Circuit have arrived. I was awarded 29 Honourable Mentions for  18 different photos I entered, hence some photos were awarded more than one HM.

The image which topped all was my image titled “The Greengrocer” which won a MEDAL.

The Greengrocer

Creative Asia Photography Awards Top 25 Images per Category

My image titled “Juggling” below made it to the TOP 25 images in the Creative Asia Awards, in the category of Portraiture, Children.

The top 175 finalist images will be printed and mounted expertly by Epson. These prints will be hung on display in the “Epson Creative Asia Gallery” during the Creative Asia Conference. These 175 finalist images will be judged live by our panel of experts on January 19th 2011, from 8:30am – 4:00pm. The judging will be digital. All images will be judged on calibrated 60” LCD panels.

The winners of each category will be judged on the 19th January.




Creative Asia Photography Awards 2010

I submitted five photos and every photo received an Award,  2 SILVER Awards and 3 BRONZE Awards!

The five images I submitted and the results are:

This was my highest award in terms of points given.



The judges said: Outstanding Image – This is just outstanding! Excellent in every way. This is work of the highest quality. What a pleasure to see such amazing work!














The Cold Sea – German Mega Circuit Publication

“The Cold Sea” has been printed as a full page photo in the following catalogue, page 110 & 111.

General Chairman’s Choice Awards, page 3.


Black, Sue, Australia.

“Cook Island Sunrise” has also been printed in the same catalogue on page 85 (top picture).

Here is the link:


Top 50 Placement Results in International Aperture Awards

A follow up from my last blog posted on November 17th.

An emotional day!

Today the TOP 50 images of each category were posted.

To my absolute delight I discovered that my SILVER image titled “Hidden Distress” was also successful in making it into the top 50 and in fact ranked at Number 30 in the Abstract/Illustrative Category.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and congratulated me, it means so much, particularly with this image which has a very personal and poignant story behind it.

A mother’s life.

“Hidden Distress”

Here is the link.