2013 International Loupe Awards

I entered the International Loupe Awards for the fourth year, receiving 2 SILVER Awards and 11 BRONZE Awards as follows:

Landscape category – 9 Bronze Awards

Portrait Category- 2 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards.

This year, I entered all my images into the Amateur Section and none into the Open Section.

The bar had been raised from previous years!
This year, in order to achieve a Bronze Award, you needed a score of 80 and for a Silver Award a Score of 85 (in previous years you only required a score of 75 for Bronze and 80 for Silver).
On this basis I realise that I can’t compare my Awards with previous years results. However if the bar hadn’t been raised this year I would have achieved 9 Silvers with my Landscape entries.
That means that I have improved my own personal best standard in photography compared with previous years and that is all that matters so I am more than happy with these results.
These competitions are important as you can see where you rate amongst the World’s best photographers.
They encourage you to strive for higher goals.

I have found both Sections to be equally as difficult and challenging due to the fact that there are so many outstanding Amateur photographers, in fact, some Amateur photographers are equal or even better than the Professional photographers entering into the Open Section.

 An Amateur photographer is defined as someone who primarily photographs for pleasure and does not receive the majority of their income from photography.

My elephant portrait photo received the highest score of 88 (Gold is 90). This is the highest score I have ever achieved so far in this competition in the 4 years I have entered.



Elephant portrait Vietnamese man Ladakh Lady Vietnamese fisherman


Northern NSW1 Namibia4 Namibia3 Namibia2 Namibia1 Ladakh2 Ladakh1 Gold Coast2 Gold Coast1


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