2013 International Loupe Awards Top 50 Images

As a follow up to my last post, I was delighted to learn that two of my Silver Award winning images made it to the Top 50 in the Amateur Portrait

category this year in the International Loupe Awards.

This year is the best result I have had with my Elephant Portrait at No 13 and my Vietnamese Man at No. 36.

Previous Results were:
In 2010 – Open Illustrative Category – No 30.   http://www.internationalapertureawards.com/Top50_10.php?CatId=25&Category=Abstract+%2F+Illustrative&Award=Open
In 2012 – Open Photojournalism Category – No 26.   http://www.loupeawards.com/Top50_12.php?CatId=87&Category=Photojournalism&Award=Open


Elephant portrait


Vietnamese man


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