APS HONOURS -Associate of the Australian Photographic Society – AAPS

The “Associate” Certificate of the Australian Photographic Society has been awarded to me. The goal I set myself was to to achieve this in one year…and what a year!!!
To attain the AAPS Honours you need to be a Member of the APS (Australian Photographic Society) and enter National and International Photo Salons. http://www.a-p-s.org.au/ Points are accumulated for any photo Acceptances and Awards are given for anything higher than an Acceptance, such as Best of Show, First, Second, Third Place, Honourable Mentions, Merits, etc.

The Society rewards its members who achieve excellence in photography. Members achieve different levels because of their motivation, exemplary service, desire to reach a goal, improve self esteem, recognition of their skill, artistry and ability. Recognition to APS members is given for skill in the form the Honours category that is being applied for, in my case, Associate (AAPS)

Sue Black APS Honours – Associate


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